Everyone processes pain in their own way so don’t beat yourself up

You’re not different your pain can be comforted

It’s hard to cry for some people… tears don’t come out due to experiences they have faced; so shedding a tear can be rock bottom for them. People process pain differently. Anorexia, bulimia, rage, silence, self-injury are forms of emotional behavior people experience which harm their lives.

Self-harm is wrong. Going into a dark place in your life hinders growth and it can hurt you. Destructive emotional behavior harms lives and you will not progress if you do not get help for it. We all process pain differently, what I go through and what you go through is not the same. Your emotions try to deal with pain in its own way but don’t allow your feelings to hurt your life.

You can cry if something bad happens… you have to process the pain in order to deal with it. But don’t harm yourself. Don’t allow your emotions to lead you to destructive behavior.

Medicalnewstoday.com describes destructive behavior as “Self-destructive behavior is when a person takes actions that are sure to harm themselves. It can range from isolating themselves from others to harming their own body and behaviors such as gambling. Self-destructive behavior is when a person causes physical or emotional harm to themselves.”

How to deal with your emotions

Talk to someone. Talking is a good way to deal with whatever you’re going through. But finding the courage to talk to someone is one of the most difficult things to do, and that’s why a lot of people fall into destructive behavior because they find it hard to talk to someone. You cannot self medicate to deal with your emotional pain. What you think will help you may not! Unless you speak to someone who is qualified or trusted to listen to your pain.

Why it’s important to talk to someone

I have never disclosed an issue I was going through to someone where I did not get help for it. It may not have been the primary person whom I spoke with but the first step opened doors.

Communication is key

I have a problem…‘ that’s all you need to say to break the ice in a conversation. It’s you who has to speak up. A lot of us are good actors we hide our emotional pain and people will never pick it up unless you speak about it. ‘I have a problem…’ that’s all you need to say when you go to a place which can help you.


Your pain and how you process it in the beginning can be different. But there are programs available to help you deal with it in the correct way. Don’t self medicate. Don’t allow your emotions to control your behavior. Talk to someone, and ask for help. Go to a clinic, community center, family member, a church even if you do not attend it, school counselor, shopping clerk, a bus driver, postman, delivery guy. Break the ice and speak to someone who can lead you to help.



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