How to have emotional control

Why it’s important to achieve emotional control

In a state of anger have you ever envisioned yourself slapping someone, walking up to them and walloping them because they hurt you or because you felt embarrassed? Don’t do it. You’ve never done it because deep down you have emotional control. You don’t follow through because you think about the consequences and you realise that it’s not worth it. But if you’re guilty and you have done it! Never do it again.

Why controlling your emotions is an art

Being able to remain calm in a tense situation requires practice. Learn to keep quiet when you are justified to speak up and defend yourself. Slow down when you are justified to run your mouth. Do the opposite, but knowingly do the opposite. That’s the key to emotional control. You do things knowingly.

A lot of people fail to control themselves and end up in bad situations at work, school, or at home. Saying sorry sometimes doesn’t help when it comes, time and time again, after you hurt someone. Don’t be that person who is known for hurting people none stop; you have to change. You have to mature and practice controlling your emotions.


Love yourself because if you can stop yourself from walloping someone… controlling yourself is an art. Develop it and live your life having inner peace. Your body is your refuge the more you take care of it you will have less anxiety, stress, and weakness to be influenced by outside sources which try and manipulate you to go down bad roads



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