Are you feeling overwhelmed? Slow down your world

If you don’t manage your emotions they will race out of control

Are you hypersensitive? Easily hurt, worried, or offended… it happens to a lot of people. The key to reducing hypersensitivity is to slow down and compose yourself. A deep breath in a hectic moment can calm down the soul.

Examples of events which may cause hypersensitivity

People tend to rush you when they want a response from you. And sometimes we fail ourselves — when we are rushed — with uncontrolled emotional outbursts.

• How are your reactions?
• Do you judge yourself poorly when you are put under pressure?

Slow down your world. Don’t allow the world to rush you

If you’re writing an exam the best advice I received is to leave your exam sheet closed for moment. Take in a big breath, pray for a good exam, and envision yourself having passed. Before, I used to open the exam sheet and rush to finish because the time allocated to complete the exam looked short.

When writing an exam composing yourself helps with hypersensitivity. You read the questions clearly unlike rushing through them missing key points. You write neatly where you would’ve scribbled leaving the examination marker confused. You finish on time because revision, practicing before the exam, and studying are your ally.

Speed is mostly applauded on the sports field… but as an emotionally intelligent person you learn to pace yourself. You set boundaries in your life and you stick to them. Respecting yourself plays a big part in managing your emotions. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed. Inform the other person not to push you for a response.

Take your time, speak calmly and clearly. Confidence in your response comes from having a composed demeanor. You can hear yourself speak. The world is a fast place but you can slow it down when you manage it.

You have the power to reduce the speed in your environment

The world follows your lead. Don’t go out of character. When you set boundaries it teaches you to be quiet for a bit longer and listen to the other person. Observe your environment. And respond in a non-confrontational manner.

Composing yourself reduces hypersensitivity and slows down your world. 


2 thoughts on “Are you feeling overwhelmed? Slow down your world

  1. […] Your pain and how you process it in the beginning can be different. But there are programs available to help you deal with it in the correct way. Don’t self medicate. Don’t allow your emotions to control your behavior. Talk to someone, and ask for help. Go to a clinic, community center, family member, a church even if you do not attend it, school counselor, shopping clerk, a bus driver, postman, delivery guy. Break the ice and speak to someone who can lead you to help. […]


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