Don’t retaliate

People can push cars to start them but not your emotions

Retaliation is revenge… that’s the crux of it. Doing something which will harm the other person, physically or emotionally. You’d like to make the other person feel the pain you’re feeling when they hurt you.

Don’t harm them. Don’t bother their spirit. If they do something wrong to you don’t do it back. Emotional intelligence is a tool which doesn’t fight back in a worldly way. In our physical world when someone pushes you the reaction is to push them back.

But in an emotionally intelligent person, when someone pushes you, you don’t push back. You move away even if it’s not physical in that moment. You defend yourself by not committing horrible acts. You do the opposite, you keep quiet. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed. You are not a broken car. You do not have an emotional handbrake, you do not stop and go because a person manipulated a lever which conforms (like a car) when they use it.

The painful part is when you don’t retaliate and do something bad to the other person; you feel as if you are losing the fight. But that’s okay because you don’t need to win THEIR fight. Who said the winner is the one who overpowers an opponent physically or in an abusive manner?

Walk away. Protect the person you are. Don’t change because someone pushes you. Quote: “Emotional manipulation occurs when a manipulative person seeks power over someone else and employs dishonest or exploitive strategies to gain it.”

Get to know yourself and you will realise that most of your emotional reactions are manipulated by people who have spiritual handbrake levers, who attach them to your emotions and do as they please. You can detach the lever by doing the opposite of the manipulation. Never fight back! That’s not you


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