Why hiding your feelings can lead to self-harm and bad reactions

Atleast show someone how you feel

Playing hide and seek with your emotions is not a good game when something is hurting you. When you play this game people do not see your pain. Don’t hide your emotions; atleast show someone how you feel.

If you’re hurting… people will not see it unless you show them. You get angry when someone fails to notice your pain. But it’s hard to see it unless you reveal it.

Do not play-act as if everything is fine

The joyful — laugh out loud — person may be the worst actor around because instead of revealing how much pain they’re in he or she pretends that everything is fine. And you know what? The world laughs with you because you look happy (oblivious) when they’re meant to do the opposite and cry with you.

Why crying is important

Crying flushes out bad emotions. It moves you forward, and builds up your self-worth. It’s okay to crumble but don’t live beneath the rubble. Rebuilding can be the most important part of growth. Your painful experience may just save your future when you handle it correctly.

There are two types of emotional roads leading in different directions…

1st road: hide your feelings, heartache, pain, or abuse and it will shock people when the reaction comes out.

2nd road: show someone your pain. Reveal it. Let them see how much you’re hurting and this road can save you.

Pain is not good. Get your act together and reveal what is hurting you.

Self-help. Tell someone. Show someone. And speak to someone.


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