Why mind reading can harm your emotions

Why people may not be thinking about what you think they’re thinking

Being self-conscious makes you feel that what you think people are thinking about you is real. Suicide can be prevented when you block out negative feelings about what you think people are saying behind your back. Sometimes, when you hear people speak about you… the gossip can be bad. But it’s how you react (what you do next) which leads to suicidal thoughts or prevention.

Why mind reading is bad

Don’t exaggerate. Don’t play out what you think people are saying, acting, or speaking about you when you’re not next to them. It can be the opposite. A lot of times we are tormented about nothing, things we think people are saying because when they’re next to you they’re quiet. If you indulge your emotional mind reading practices you will doubt genuine people. Everyone will look and feel fake. Laugh with you, and when they’re with other people they laugh at you.

Suicide can be prevented. Block out negative emotions and you will see that words and people’s actions do not control you. You are the master of your well-being. You have a say about how you live your life and if people speak about you, then it is what it is… you cannot control people. But you can separate yourself from them.

When you develop emotional intelligence you view people’s actions differently. Granted! What they say about you, when you hear about it, may be bad; betrayal by people you care about is the worst. But emotional intelligence helps you digest the reality, and not your imagination. The reality may be bad but don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t overreact. Key moments after finding out something bad can prevent self-harm.

Mind.org.uk describes self-harm as “Self-harm is when you hurt yourself as a way of dealing with very difficult feelings, painful memories or overwhelming situations and experiences.”

How to stop mind reading people

Block out mind reading thoughts about your situation. Stop playing out what the other person is saying about you to whomever they may be saying it to. You cannot control people and their emotional intelligence standards. But you can control your own emotional well-being.

The simplest way to react after something bad happens is to stop! If you can move away from the current area you are in at the moment, do it. Go outside. Go inside. Go next to people regardless if you know them or not. Call a friend, call a family member, or a helpline. Do something which is the opposite of wanting to harm yourself or react to other person in a bad way. Move away from the situation.


It is what it is… you cannot change hearing or experience something bad. But you can react better because your emotional intelligence is strong. Mind reading is a bad habit. If people show you their true colours it’s best to move away from them. Don’t entertain bad vibes next to you. I will not pretend just for the sake of having certain friends or people around me. If their emotional intelligence standards are low, my standards are not.


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