Why reflecting on your emotions and feelings is very important

Are you the same person from one year ago?

You are not the same person. Fact! You have gotten better somewhere in your life from one year ago. Things may not be perfect but there’s something you’re doing better than one year ago. No matter what situation you are in… you are doing something better from one year ago.

How to grow emotionally

We tend to look at the negative, at least some of us do. Self-conscious people focus on the so-called negative impact they leave behind. Where they went wrong. How they spoke to a person and wonder how the other person feels about the interaction they had between them. Sensitive people feel a lot. They judge themselves poorly 9 out of 10 times they deem whatever they do in a negative way. That’s how bad some people are when they reflect.

Change your viewpoint about yourself

No matter what situation you are in… you are doing something better. Change your viewpoint and find 9 out of 10 things you are doing right. You are not the same person from one year ago, I reject this. You are better, much better than you were one year ago. You do great things which you must acknowledge. You are a good person and you must applauded yourself for it.

Developmental questions you should ask yourself

Compared to 1 year ago, and now:

• Do I communicate better?
• Do I plan better?
• Do I save money better?
• Do I help other people?
• Have I asked for help?
• Am I calmer now than before in my life?
• Am I more productive?
• What have I stopped or limited in my life?
• What do I want to do better?
• Am I ready for the next step in my life?
• If I’m not ready what do I need to do about it?

One of the 11 points above you are already doing better in. It’s a fact! You may not see it but someone in your circle does. It’s time you see it too. Two points I choose above for myself is that I am more productive, and I have stopped doing something which was not good for my life. I am happy but the people in my circle may not be because I stopped. It was a social thing we did together but I choose myself over pleasing others. And I am a better person now because I stopped. Temperance for me motivates my life.

Growth is a moving part in life. Stop viewing yourself badly it’s not the only thing which defines you. No matter what situation you are in… you are doing something better. The more you see good things about yourself the more you will like it. In conclusion, congratulate yourself often, your emotions need to hear from you.


One thought on “Why reflecting on your emotions and feelings is very important

  1. […] It is what it is… you cannot change hearing or experience something bad. But you can react better because your emotional intelligence is strong. Mind reading is a bad habit. If people show you their true colours it’s best to move away from them. Don’t entertain bad vibes next to you. I will not pretend just for the sake of having certain friends or people around me. If their emotional intelligence standards are low, my standards are not. […]


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