You only need one thing to be grateful for to jump start your happiness

Blessings don’t come from nothing

You work on yourself to get what you want. You can never get something without having to do something. The trade has to happen. Give away sadness and bad emotions to receive happy emotions.

Give your stress away

Sometimes our lives have demanding routines. Which can be work related for some, school for others, and demanding responsibilities for the majority. We give most of our attention to living our lives which demands a lot of effort but gives back limited joy to some people who haven’t learned to trade.

What is emotional trading

The bad can be traded away. You don’t have to live a stressful life. You may have to live in an environment with a lot of stress but you do not have to absorb it. Your mindset can make you smile in the midst of heartache all around you.

Knowing that you control how you feel regardless of negative energy, you can stay calm when everything around you is in chaos. Trade bad vibes for happiness. And the trade happens when you focus on one thing which you are grateful for.

I am grateful for being alive. I have lived a long life, in my young life, and being alive today from where I came from I am grateful. I am grateful because I have grown to respect life, the fact that I have an opportunity to live is a blessing.

Key point of having something to be grateful for in your life

Now that I have a beacon to focus on when dark days come… which is being alive. I focus on being alive and it enables me to see how blessed I am regardless of bad days. Some people have passed away; it makes me wonder what they could have done if they knew how much time they had on this planet.

I use this blessing to work smarter. I trade anger for peace. I see people struggling to focus because they haven’t traded bad emotions for good ones. They do not think anything is going well in their lives which is not true. When I look at them I see things in their lives I wish were going well in mine. But they don’t see it because they are focused on negativity.

Don’t allow yourself to be demoralized. You have a lot going well in your life. I love Mother Teresa, I watched a biopic once which portrayed her life. In the movie she’d focus on one thing which made her happy. She’d pray and say, “Thank you Father, today too we can eat.”

Mother Teresa was a Nun. She looked after orphans and the vulnerable. It was a difficult life for many people around her who were poor, and having one meal a day was a difficult task to achieve. “Thank you Father, today too we can eat…” everyday she’d say the same thing. It meant people had a meal to eat. And she was grateful.


Look at the positive and it will encourage you to see much more; don’t focus on negativity but correct it if you can. Having one thing to be grateful for births the next ones to follow. Count your blessings because it motivates you. Bad days come and go, and when you focus on the things you’re grateful for you will perform better during hard periods in your life.



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