No social media on weekends pledge

Switch off and Switch on your mind

Social media is designed to push your emotional buttons so that we latch on all the time. I watch a movie on TV and I continuously pause to pay attention to my notifications on my phone. That’s bad.

My phone has become my prime focus anything else is secondary. I still remember a time when a phone only received calls and text messages… I’m not that old, we were the generation which transitioned into social media.

You may be older or younger but one common denominator wherever you are around the world, your screen time on your phone needs to be reduced. Information is fed to us instantly on our devices we are taking in too much information it’s dangerous.

The big fear now is misinformation, fake news, and misleading views which can hurt us long before we realise it is wrong. Switch off and Switch on your mind. Are you struggling emotionally… do you have anxiety? Do you feel depressed? Are you always active online? Doing something, for example, liking, deleting, commenting, fighting, spying, debating, or lost online. Switch off and Switch on your mind.

No social media weekends gives you 48 hours of downtime. Spend time outside. Leave your phone. Buy a phone which has no screen, swap them on weekends and only receive calls. You need a break. Your mind needs a break from social engineering. Go outside, see a world meters away from your house instead of seeing a world on a different continent on your phone. You don’t need to know what they’re doing on a different continent all the time.

Our emotions are overworked. Something has to give. Choosing your health and wellbeing over apps on a device cannot be compared. Switch off and Switch on your mind. No social media on weekends works! Monday to Friday you can use your apps until you realize that you really don’t need so much information getting to you at any given time. It’s not worth damaging your health because of it.

I have one popular app left… the other top social media apps are no longer part of my life. It took a while to wean myself off of them but I now realise that I really didn’t need to read something or see pictures all the time of events around the world.


Social media is not bad. But it’s bad because of the misinformation, manipulation, and emotional damage it can have in your life. Too much is too much information… protect your mind and you will be glad you did it long before it became a trend. Because when it trends it may be too late.



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