Don’t live your life only for high moment’s because they have a tendency of dragging you down

Happiness is fun. Going somewhere, doing something, and having a giggle is pretty awesome. But some people hit rock bottom once a high moment ends. They pursue them daily and struggle to keep up because it doesn’t last.

Learn to keep your emotions balanced. Going through The Motions of Life requires a sturdy heart. Don’t expect to have fun always.

1. You must work
2. You must pray
3. You must hustle
4. You must take time to cool off
5. You must take time to abstain from gluttony
6. You must take time to recoup

Some people fail to manage their emotions. This causes disorders which harm your life and drains your resources. If you cannot cool off you will miss important days which require you to step back and regroup.

Sometimes you need time away from what makes you happy:

• You need time away form your phone
• You need time away from social media
• You need to take that walk and burn some calories
• You need to help out a person who has been asking you for assistance
• You need to stop focusing on your high — whichever high it may be…
• You need to pause and assess how that which you do more than anything can be affecting your life

Do you need to be happy all the time… as weird as this may sound, Do you? Or do you need to pause being happy and work on other emotions in your life.

Key emotions to focus on

If you try and be happy all the time it will drain you. Maybe skip a few parties in the month; budget it and maintain that stability. Practice this and you will witness the impact it will have in your life. You will find more time to be calm, thoughtful, and present. You will see how your resources will not deplete. And your emotional happiness will thank you for it.

Give yourself a break. If your high moment is feeling depressed all the time. Give yourself a break from that pain. If your high moment is stress related, stagnation, or fear. Do the opposite. Because doing something different develops your emotional intelligence (EQ). It teaches you to understand when it is time to slow down, switch off, adapt, and control yourself. Saying stop! Or no is a strength.

A high moment doesn’t only mean happiness… sometimes a persons high is sadness. Depression. Or an emotion you are going through. Stop and pause. Switch it up! Go for a walk. Do something different. Saying stop! Or no is a strength


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