Be thankful

Today can be a good day for you. It can be a bad day. Either way life takes many turns and one thing you always have to do is to be grateful.

Grateful for what? For your Life. Being alive. Work. Food on the table. Bills partly or fully paid off. The weather. Music. Your health. Your time in your control. Your vision, dreams, and hope still intact. Your friends. Your family. Your education. Not harming yourself. Stopping and assessing bad judgments committed in the past… and not doing them again.

Be grateful for something. Find something big or small to be grateful about. Why? Because not all is dark or failing in your life. Something is working but you fail to acknowledge it and you focus on bad things hurting you.

Your emotions need cultivating. Weed out bad emotions by harnessing good things which make you happy. All that which makes you happy, Use it! Use it to rise above difficult moments in your life. Knowing that times might be hard but atleast something, somewhere, is going right.

If I am alive, that’s something. If I am able to eat one meal a day… that’s something. If I am able to speak to someone about my feelings and ask for help, that’s something. Something, somewhere, is going right. Use that as energy to get through difficult times. We all go through difficult times; they’re inevitable.


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