Self-help improvement does not mean you must do things by yourself

Don’t be a loner

In the beginning when I got to know about Self-help I thought it meant isolation. Succeed by yourself and show the world your success — having achieved it by yourself. I thought it was going to be me and no one else to thank. I would Self-help myself and give no one gratitude. But this is not what Self-help means.

The best Self-help comes from asking for help. The best way you can Self-help yourself is to ask for help. This is the key to Self-help! Choosing to ask.

When you start seeing Self-help working in the world it gets easier to reach out

All the people I admire have one thing in common. None of them achieved success without help. Somewhere in their background story you will find a helping hand. A person or a group of people who helped them succeed. Which was made possible because the people I admire chose to ask for help.

You are not a loner… you are reserved. You are not clumsy… education is all you need. Learning is the best thing you can do for yourself. Open your heart and allow yourself to grow.

Key to Self-help

Self-help is telling yourself to change. Telling yourself to grow, and to ask for help. This is how you become a better version of yourself. Self-help is getting up. It’s reaching out your hand to someone. It’s making a long overdue call. It’s buying that tool you need in order for your life to grow. It’s you going to a place where help can be found. It’s you committing to something… that’s Self-help


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