Find comfort in knowing that things change

Why nothing stays the same when you work on yourself

Are you feeling let down? If you haven’t counted your toes and nails because you ran out of fingers. You haven’t lived long enough to count how many emotional battles you will go through before you hit a plateau where emotional growth — and understanding — make sense of things which try to harm your life.

Growth means getting to a point where life may challenge you but regardless of the problems you will not behave irresponsible and allow your emotions to control you. You manage the situation without falling prey to self-destructive behavior.

You don’t give in but you find solutions

If a problem can manifest itself… there’s a solution for it. It may not be a solution you’d hope for but sometimes our problems are resolved in a different way. Taking you out of your comfort zone.

Face your issues

Self-help. Do what is required to fix your life. Find the help you need, go to places which help people. Educate yourself. Stop or limit the things which hurt your life. Grow as a person and choose yourself over destructive ways.

Never mind thinking that life gets easier… life becomes manageable. Once you tap into your emotions you’ll find keys which control your actions. And the more you grow you’re able to see into the future and avoid making the same mistakes. Or you’ll end up counting the hairs on top of your head. Stop the count. Control your emotions and you’ll manage your life better. 


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