Negative Self-talk examples you should avoid

How negative self-talk affects performance

Don’t bring yourself down. It’s important to uplift yourself. You do amazing things but because of the world we live in it’s easy to damage your self-esteem. The world emits a lot of negative views and if you consume too much of it, it can harm your emotions and lead to stress related illnesses.

Block negativity. You do good things in your life and it’s important to acknowledge them. We’re taught to be mindful, respectful, and not to boast about ourselves… but you can applaud yourself when you do good things. Often we empower discouraging views in our lives more than we uplift ourselves.

Don’t be the victim. You’re not a victim. You have a lot of things you do which benefit your life. From the wise choices you make, to getting up in the morning and breaking generational curses. You are doing a lot of things right and you must acknowledge them.

Examples of positive self-talk

Things you should be grateful for:

• I chose not to drink today
• I got up and cleaned
• I went for that job interview
• I said sorry
• I ate a full meal
• I didn’t take drugs today
• I went outside
• I stayed inside
• I didn’t go to that party
• I informed someone about the abuse
• I called the police
• I helped another person
• I asked for forgiveness
• I did not indulge myself today
• I choose myself
• I am not a failure

There’s a lot you can be grateful for… it’s not hard to find something to be happy about. You’re doing something good and you must applaud yourself for it. Negative self-talk can destroy your self-confidence. When you belittle yourself it doesn’t take a lot of effort from outside sources to deliver the final blow which breaks you down.


You will destroy your life if you allow negativity to live within you. Don’t allow it to take refuge. Look at yourself in a positive way; we battle many things but fighting yourself should not be one of them. There’s no need to list negative self-talk examples. Don’t dwell on the past rather focus on your bright future and success. Continue to believe in yourself. Love yourself. And trust yourself.



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