Me first and the world second

There’s nobody like you and that’s why it’s so amazing?

Once you realise that you are one — and not one in a million — you are unique and your life has purpose. You will appreciate yourself more. Unlike diamonds which are not unique. Dig a hole somewhere and you will find them. Remember, they cannot dig you up. If you relocate there will not be another you to take your place when you leave.

Make your mark. Live your life. Be free from anxiety. Be free from self-doubt. Love yourself. Do what you love and never give up. It’s not arrogance to put yourself first. It’s self-love. Self-care. It’s making sure you’re happy in your life. Full of control over your emotional well-being so you can engage the world and not be affected by it.

The world is a challenging terrain to live in. There’s a lot happening and if you’re not grounded you can find yourself affected by things which do not concern you. Me first means looking after your heart. You develop emotional intelligence to understand the world around you.

You don’t get sucked into things you should’ve avoided. You learn to say no. You learn to go the other way without feeling pressured to do things which will harm your life. Me first is good. Take care of yourself and you will influence your surroundings in a positive way. Me first is a sign of wellness. For example, keep your car in good condition and you will not get stuck on the highway. But neglect servicing your car and you will pay more when you have to call for help in the future.

It’s the same with your well-being. There are two types of responses in any situation. Either you handle it well or you don’t. Me first means you develop your emotional control. You develop empathy. How? Through learning. It’s that simple. You have a lot of resources you can use. Reading, or going to places which teach you how to develop your emotional intelligence, community outreach programs. When you look for help you find it.

Do you have any troubles in your life?

I can name a few… but I have learned that no matter what I go through. Either I handle them well or I don’t. Either I stay calm or I freak out at my troubles. Either I ask for help or I keep quiet and self-destruct. There’s always two ways you can deal with any situation. Me first means you learn to choose the correct way. When you’re calm you think clearly. You don’t rush your decisions. And you plan.


It may seem insensitive or selfish to say Me First. But it’s not. The world wants us to care for it’s needs before you care for yourself. We live in a fast paced society and if you don’t mind yourself you will self-destruct. Have your mancave. Pamper yourself. Give yourself time to cool off by doing what you like. It doesn’t have to cost you money… you can do something for free. Community centre’s offer many things for free. But are priceless due to the value they give to people who need them



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