Why community service is important

Do you serve your community?

I teach people how to better their lives. I help people break fear and anxiety molds. I aid people who need help. I serve my community by doing what I love which enriches my life and helps me become a better version of myself.

You cannot do everything by yourself and that’s why it’s important to help others. A community brings ideas and resources together. Which can help grow your business, learn new things and innovations, it can help you think outside the box. Getting help and giving out help are two important growth techniques you should take advantage of. A community helps with this.

How do you serve people?

Do what you love. In most cases serving by doing what interests you enables you to be effective. We have different talents and skills, and a community with a lot of people with different abilities thrives. Did you know that the best help is expensive but can also be free? Because when you join a community you utilize people who have worked hard to attain their knowledge and wisdom, and you get to use it for free when you ask for help.

Help people. Start by doing something you like. You can go to a physical place or you can help online. But start serving in some form. Helping others gives you happiness. And knowing that you’re doing something other than taking care of your own needs can bless your life in unimaginable ways. Give and you will receive.

Challenge your heart to be a better version of itself. You don’t always have to give money to someone as a form of help. Become a caregiver, donate your time. It’s time used in a good way which rewards your life. Give to someone the best way you can and see how it enriches your community.

You have a lot you can give, it’s you who has to decide how you’re going to do it. As mentioned do what you like and it will benefit someone. Give your time by helping others and you will see a positive difference in your life. Your mindset grows when you challenge yourself — you become a better version of yourself.


It’s possible… just do it. Join a good community and learn how to help others. Ask for advice. Share your thoughts. Look for a way to contribute and the ball will start to roll. Happiness isn’t hard to attain, it happens by doing small things which warm your heart consistently.



One thought on “Why community service is important

  1. […] It may seem insensitive or selfish to say Me First. But it’s not. The world wants us to care for it’s needs before you care for yourself. We live in a fast paced society and if you don’t mind yourself you will self-destruct. Have your mancave. Pamper yourself. Give yourself time to cool off by doing what you like. It doesn’t have to cost you money… you can do something for free. Community centre’s offer many things for free. But are priceless due to the value they give to people who need them.  […]


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