Why therapy can help with anxiety

Why therapy or counseling works

Helping yourself is something a lot of people don’t understand how to implement. Something a lot of people never receive which is a necessary reaction when you’re not feeling okay. People tend to use generic medicines or prescriptions which make the situation worse.

Failure to get help may lead to life-threatening situations. But for quick fixes we hide things from the world. We try online therapy tools, things we hear, experiment with, or mimic trying to fix ourselves without revealing our pain to the world.

There are a lot of therapy aids you can use to get better. But therapy through verbal communication and interaction is something you need to do if you are having troubles in your life. Talking to someone or a group of people can help. Support groups are a powerful tool you can use to get through difficult challenges. Some of us don’t have support structures. We are either too afraid to ask for help or the people who can help are far away. Or they simply do not care.

A support group, if you choose to get help, is a good place to start. Sadag.org defines a support group as, “a group of people who have similar personal experiences of the same problems or life situations, and are there to help each other feel supported.” When you go through challenges you can feel all alone stuck in a sinking boat with no one to save you.

Ask for help and you’ll be shocked by how many people are in the same boat as you. It may not be a good boat to be in but many hands scooping out water can prevent the boat from sinking. A support group is key. You need the boat to remain afloat in your life. You need encouraging words. People who get you. People who listen and help keep the boat from sinking.

Why it helps to be in a support group

Sharing unburdens you. The solutions might take time but getting off the boat is a good place to start. Your emotions are the boat. And once you get hold of your well-being, planning and figuring out your next steps becomes realistic. Before you can fix your life you have to have control of your boat.

Nothing can work if your boat continues to take on water

Why people fear going for therapy

Revealing your burdens doesn’t feel right. If you have carried them for a long time how does one tell people about them? That I have been struggling with a situation for many years, what will people say about me? They will surely laugh, feel disgusted, or worse. The people I could tell seem picture-perfect, but I am far from it.

These are some of the words I used before I learned to get help. I was burdened that I was burdened… I was scared to ask for help because a stranger would know my limitations.


I wish I got help many years ago; how far I would be today if I had gotten help. It’s not easy to go to a place where help is available. But do it for yourself. Go there and ask for help. It helps and it will be a good start for better seasons which follow. Sharing gets easier even if the road continues to be hard



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