Words of wisdom and encouragement for your anger management journey

Why it’s important not to live with hate in your heart

People will test you… they will push your boundaries and fail to restrain you once you take-off. People are naive and when they get away with a lot in life they forget that not everyone will behave the same as the other people they wronged.

Anger is a feeling which manifests a lot more than rage. Anger can hurt the person who has to deal with it. The instigator does not realise the impact they’re leaving on the other person who has to deal with the anger after the encounter is over.

Some people suffer traumatic experiences after a person who is not empathetic or emotionally intelligent troubles them. You cannot go around hurting people causing fights and you leave a person angry after you’ve had your fill of conflict. You don’t know what the other person is going through, what they don’t share about their emotions upfront, but in time, can cause problems when the person implodes or explodes.

People who only care about their emotions are careless. Don’t be an instigator you don’t know what other people have to deal with in their lives. Help others instead or hurting them. American Psychological Association, apa.org says “The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes.”

Why it’s important to control your anger

Anger if not controlled can harm your life. While some conflict is unavoidable especially when it comes from someone else, how to deal with it is important. Deflect conflict from your heart. Your heart is a sacred place where love and peace resides. People will test you… but don’t allow anger and hate to have a place inside of you.

Use your mind, deflect conflict. Some people love to fight even when they don’t have the body structure for it. They will test other people and you wonder what will protect them if the other person decides enough is enough. When you’re a third party looking at two people arguing it’s easy to judge and see who is wrong. But if you’re part of the fight at times you do not want anyone telling you that you are wrong.

So just as much as it is nice to hear that the other person is wrong, it can be you who is wrong so it’s important to practice peace and patience all the time. Don’t fight anyone. Don’t live with an angry heart. Learn to forgive others even if you cannot tell them openly. If it means forgiving them and you do not have to interact with them it’s good. As long as you clear your heart and live with other people in a good way do so.


Practice forgiveness. Prove it by showing compassion to others. You cannot forgive people you’ve cut from your life and fight people who are still in your life. Prove it daily by practicing empathy, patience, and emotional intelligence in your life.



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