Emotional control techniques you can use to change your life

Why emotional control is a psychological tool you can use 

There are a lot of emotional control books you can buy to learn how to become a better person. This post will help you understand the importance of becoming a better version of yourself.

Are you struggling with your emotions?

The key to growth doesn’t matter where you start your journey. You can be at any level: Sad, Hurt, Vengeful, Happy, Depressed, Suicidal, Addicted to something, Religious, Sinful, Good or Bad. No matter your emotional state if you’re ready to deal with your situation that’s the important step.

What’s going on in your life which triggers you?

It’s time to do a little homework. Look around you and pinpoint things which trigger you:

1. Ask yourself why do they trigger you
2. How can you stop these things from triggering you
3. Why is it important to deal with them
4. Who around you looks like they go through what you’re going through but they’re dealing with it
5. Can you learn from them or ask for help

It’s important to audit yourself and give out an honest self-assessment of what you are feeling, and what you want to fix about yourself. Because you cannot start this journey on false pretenses. When you lie to yourself you will not get better.

What are emotional techniques?

Healthline.com published:

“7 Emotion-Focused Coping Techniques for Uncertain Times

You can choose
• Meditation.
• Journaling.
• Positive thinking.
• Forgiveness.
• Reframing.
• Talking.
• Therapy.”

Any of the emotional techniques listed can be used in your life. They can help you become a better person.

What does it mean to become a better person?

We’re not saying become a Goody Two Shoes… someone who does things right all the time. That’s not a balanced person. Being a good person means you have self-respect. Love yourself enough to stop the bad things you’re doing which harm your life. Either stop hurting yourself mentally, emotionally, or physically for example damaging your health with substance abuse.

Love yourself. Take care of yourself inside and outside of your body. There are a lot of emotional control techniques you can use to grow; choose one that’s good for you.


Growth is good. To look back and see how far you have come as a person when you work on yourself is motivational



4 thoughts on “Emotional control techniques you can use to change your life

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