Fear of failure phobia

Phobia means “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.” Oxford languages on Goggle.

What are you afraid of when you stop yourself from trying? Friends can be a big fear… scared to follow your dreams because it doesn’t align with you groups culture. But there’s always the loudest one in the group — what if he or she decided to pursue your dream? I bet he or she wouldn’t think twice about it.

Fear of attaining success

Yes! Some people fear success. The responsibility they will have to live with day in and day out. It can be emotionally draining when you worry about failing ‘After!’ You achieve success. People worry about future comments people may have if their dreams fail. And it stops them from pursing their dreams.

Failure is not a bad thing to go through. You grow when you miss achieving success in that period in time, because it’s only a period in time, it should not be the end of you trying. Failure is growth. If you haven’t ridden a bicycle before, when you try to cycle you may fall down a lot of times, but as a child, the drive to want to learn how to ride a bicycle trumps failure. You get up and try until you ride down the road without falling.

The drive to succeed must be bigger than your environment

People are a big deterrence… if it’s not something they’re interested in they will instill doubt and fear in you. Some big companies around the world started off as small businesses. Amazon and Google were founded in small homes where their creators lived. And it’s possible that some people close to them could have shuttered their dreams if Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin listened to the noise around them. I doubt a lot of people saw their visions in that period.

Failure is easy to achieve because when you sit down and do nothing it will never happen. Success requires a big heart. You have to believe in yourself. You have to understand that all the noise around you will get louder as you pursue your dreams. Family, friends, coworkers, aliens, ghosts! Anything you can imagine will try to manipulate you to stop.

Don’t listen to aliens they are not from your world or have your vision. Your vision resides in a different realm you are too advanced to listen to people who do not see your vision clearly. Go for your dreams, they will see it when it’s time for them to see it. Fear of failing is common. But your character determines whether you allow yourself to be overpowered by it.

It gets better as you pursue your dream. Your fear fades away until it is completely gone


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