Having confusion can harm your inner peace

Why self-confidence and indecision don’t mix

When you plan to do something and you bail on it at the 11th hour not because it failed but because you were conflicted. If you allow confusion to control you a lot of plans in your life will fail.

When you abandon things at any stage because you were confused, and not because you had credible intel. If you don’t have facts but you are filled with inner conflict/indecision this is dangerous.

A lot of people fear the unknown… not because of the success (in the end) but because of how they will manage the success when they have it. It’s like a movie where a person plans an escape for years but finds ways to not complete it.

When such emotions are cultivated a person gradually fails to realise that it’s by their own sabotage. They thrive in the middle, not in the beginning or the end, their lives are stuck.

Go for it!

Don’t be too quick. Don’t be silly or uncharted. Planning is gold. Escape in your mind develop the vision in your mind and see the escape happen. See how it happens. When it happens. The resources you’ll need. How much time you give yourself and go for it. That’s how you plan.

Then work the plan. You may find setbacks when the plan in your mind and the things of the world are not the same. But work the plan. Don’t get confused and think that your plan is flawed. Work the plan. Edit it. Evolve and finish what you started.

If the plan is flawed — and facts prove it — abandon it without having indecision. You can always dream tomorrow and come back stronger having experience of the plan which failed. But was important because you gained valuable knowledge.

Self-confidence is cultivated. You live and you learn. Walk tall in any situation. Confusion occurs when you don’t trust yourself.


One thought on “Having confusion can harm your inner peace

  1. […] Don’t listen to aliens they are not from your world or have your vision. Your vision resides in a different realm you are too advanced to listen to people who do not see your vision clearly. Go for your dreams, they will see it when it’s time for them to see it. Fear of failing is common. But your character determines whether you allow yourself to be overpowered by it. […]


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