Why it is important to learn how your moods impact your life

It happens when you don’t know yourself you can mess up your day when you act in a manner which isn’t you. Moods can alter a person and make you react in a different way which isn’t you.

The world around us can influence how we react in certain situations. There were times I would’ve loved to tombstone a person if I had WWE Undertakers physique, height, and tattoos. Or speak like Nelson Mandela, though my Mandela moment would defeat the not called for reaction in the circumstance/environment I’d mimic Mandela in.

With uncontrolled moods you end up doing things which leave you astounded. Like why did I do that or say unnecessary things you’d never do unless COERCED.

Moods and manipulated reactions go hand in hand

You cannot allow your moods to control your actions. The world around you can influence you. You cannot allow this to happen. Let the world spin and do what it does, but your mood and your actions should remain unhinged. Go out into the world knowing people will try you… but you will not act out.

Go out into the world not looking for a fight even though you feel as if you need one. Don’t go to work and lash out. Don’t allow a bully to manipulate you. Tell yourself no. Defend your emotions by NOT doing the opposite of you. You are peaceful, kind, gentle, well mannered, and composed. This is you. From today this is you.

Act better than what the world wouldn’t expect of you. Learn your moods. Know when an outburst is about to come and control it. It’s always best to keep quiet. Remain still and never react too quickly. A few seconds of doing the opposite of what the world expects of you does the trick.


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