Listen to your feelings

Your emotions have signs you can use to manage your life

Sixth sense. Chills running down your spine. It’s doesn’t have to be this dramatic. It doesn’t have to be clear as daylight to know what to do. Listening to your emotions is like hearing your stomach rumble; the grumbling stomach is a sign of hunger. But here is the punchline: it doesn’t mean that eating should be your next step. It’s a sign that your your body wants food.

How to listen to your feelings

Happiness is a good feeling to have, but too much of it can mislead you to do things which are wrong. What kinds of things? If you are driving a car and you get close to the speed limit, the feeling of happiness can press you to drive faster. Causing you to break the law. Will this be good? No. So what do you do… continue to drive fast or slow down and avoid paying a fine — or worse?

Listening to your feelings can be good if you do the right things. But when you listen to your feelings in a bad way you can hurt your life. Learn to do the right thing. Always get help when your feelings compel you to do something bad. Get help when you don’t understand your feelings.

Listen to your feelings. Hear your soul speak to you. When feelings are wrong (mixed with bad intentions) it’s important to choose the right thing. Peer pressure is one event in life we all go through. When we’re young we do a lot of things which we can FEEL are wrong, but because of pleasing others we do them anyway. Teaching yourself how to listen to your emotions is important.

It can prevent you from getting yourself into trouble. Emphasis on getting yourself into trouble. Staying away from bad elements is one way to avoid trouble. But if you cannot avoid it, at least you have the power to say no. Choice is very important. You don’t have to do bad things. Your feelings heighten the decisions you make either they push you beyond the speed limit or they compel you to stop.

When you get to a level where you can understand what feelings do in your body you can use them to drive your goals forward. And prevent yourself from doing bad things. The choice is always yours.


That feeling you get when something is wrong and you know it. Listen to it. Go the other direction. Get help even if your addiction is hard, listen to your emotions and get help for it. Your instinct helps you evade trouble.

You know the wrong things you do, and you can feel when they’re wrong. If you don’t listen to your feelings you will harm your life and put yourself in a difficult corner where getting out of is always harder than stopping while you still can.



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