Take it one day at a time

Why it’s important to go through the process

No one wants to stay longer than perceived necessary when tough times come along. When days seem dark and friends are few… when the season of it never rains but it pours is a recurring thought. It takes time to overcome difficult situations, and it takes time to become better.

Depending on your emotional balance some people get over challenging times faster than others. It’s how you manage the situation which makes the difference. It may look bad when you’re knee-deep in it, but how many difficult situations have you overcome in the past?

Your knowledge and wisdom play a role on how you manage the situation. If you have gone through difficult situations before, you’re still alive today aren’t you? Your attitude can work for you. Knowing that you can overcome anything puts you in the drivers seat where you focus and manage your emotions better. You stay calm no matter the unfavorable conditions. You are determined to weather the storm no matter how long it takes.

But if your attitude if weak, if you’re easily triggered, your time going through challenging days will feel like hell. You can confess now and say you will be strong when challenges come you way, but it takes going through them which reveals a lot. Weakness can be labeled on many things but strength is seen through action.

Confidence, temperance, hope, faith, learning and development are your allies when weathering the storm. They help you overcome situations. Ask for help. Be patient… and you will get over a lot of things.

How do you overcome tough times?

Growth travels with litmus test kits. Where life i.e., growth throws challenges along the way to test your resolve. And when you go through the process you’re reward with wisdom, experience, and targeted results. If you didn’t go through challenging times you wouldn’t be the person you are today. It’s a fact, no matter how you feel about yourself today, you’re strong and you have succeeded where many have failed because you endured.

Your life is precious and you should see yourself as a conqueror. You went through many trials to get to where you are. Some of which you didn’t see or even consider. You learned a lot to get here. It’s time you use your experience to move forward with a better understanding and vision of how to navigate challenging times. Because they will always come and when you go through them you will manage yourself better.

Not to say that your future challenges will be easy… no. You can be dealt a bad hand in the future but if you’re in control of yourself it will help you weather the storm.


Tony Robbins said: “Problems make us grow, problems are what make us become more.”

Whatever you’re dealing with give it time if it needs time to be resolved. Go through the motions, get help, and work on it correctly. Your maturity shows when you’re knee-deep in sticky situations. And how you remain grounded during challenging seasons and happy days.



One thought on “Take it one day at a time

  1. […] I’m far from done chasing my happiness. But at least I’m not where I started and my peace is grounded on lessons I have learned. Tears I have shed. Friends I gained and lost. Wisdom received and teachings shared with others. As you grow in your peace you learn to calm down and appreciate what you have, big and small. You enjoy television without being envious of what people portray to be symbols of happiness.  […]


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