Why AI generated motivational words lack personality

Artificial Intelligence is just that

Human interaction. Writing a book for people to read is a unique experience and I see why musicians are fuming when their voices are used in AI generated music.

Somethings can be replicated but it can never be the same as the original. I have been learning about the strength of a community. People coming together to help each other. Writing is a source of power which if used for good helps a lot of people.

AI generated words are smartly put together to influence emotions which have been collected from data… whose data? Your personal data. Mining your emotional behavior, learning what hurts people, and what influences you when a message is created.

Motivational writers do the same but we do it with a heartfelt desire to help people. Artificial intelligence is not real. It cannot feel. It hasn’t lived for it to understand what hunger, pain, love, loss, abuse, and disease feel like. Motivation is real. It mustn’t be played with.

AI is helping people write tests, cheat tests, but what kind of a person will you become if you don’t do the work? Hardwork pays off! What you do out of love, desire, pressure, and perseverance makes you a strong person. Cheat and you will not go far in life because AI will not be the person you face in real life.

AI was created by people who worked hard. If they didn’t put in the time, resources, hardwork, and personal sacrifice none of it would exist. So why are you allowing your mind to wither away? If you use AI to write your test… don’t. Because you are losing your capacity to think. To plan. To calculate. To fail and pass which builds character.

Wild animals are programmed in such a way as AI. Living and dying is their nature with no blessings of living uncontrolled lives like humans. It’s the domesticated animals which act different from their counterparts, domesticated to follow what humans train them to do or become. How can you be smart if you don’t use your brain? How can you think outside the box if you don’t use your brain?

Don’t be dicieved — nothing ever comes easy. Our greatest effort now is to move away from speed. Quick accomplishment, fast return, effortless resources, AI assistance. If you’re going to grow you need to learn. You need to use your brain. You need to test yourself. Develop your character and abstain from using fast speed to get what you want.


I know pain. I feel it. I have cried and I know why a person might cry for different reasons. AI doesn’t think… but you and I do.



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