Unlocking Your Potential: Embracing Challenges and Deepening Connections #MotivationalMonday #MondayMotivation

When you pick up a new talent, job, hustle, or mindset, don’t put it down. We never know how much work is required of us until we’re in the thick of it! It’s a bittersweet feeling — long days and short nights for play, but it’s worth it in the end. Purpose can be a simple or tough challenge to deal with. I wear a few hats and often times the load can be unbearable. I tend to work diligently on scheduling and utilizing my time the best I can.People always talk about what they could have been and never what they have become. Pay attention to that when you hear it from others. We need to start screening the company we keep. Most importantly, add value to the relationships we choose to maintain. Challenge people and measure their level of thinking. Question their wording and how they deliver messages. What do you mean by that, Angela? How so, Mike? Tell me more, Alan… Basic-level conversation tells you what people want you to know. Deep conversations and asking the right questions will reveal it all.

“Know what you’re dealing with”


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