Why saying sorry seems to be the hardest word to tell someone

Pride destroys many relationships

Do you regret not apologizing to someone for an incident which could have been resolved? Pride is a bad emotion which can hurt your life.

Saying sorry is not wrong. You can use it and it won’t make you less of a person. When you’re mature you deal with things correctly and you acknowledge your pitfalls as they happen. We tend to fight to the very end… we don’t give up until the relationship is irretrievably broken.

Say sorry if you’re wrong. Say sorry to make the other person calm down. Acknowledge your mistake at work, at school, to a friend, colleague, partner, or stranger. You will not be weak, but a wise person understands the greater good it accomplishes.

How sorrow and bliss affect your emotions

Sorrow happens to a lot of people, for example, do you remember a time when you could have apologized to someone but because of pride it lead to a failed relationship? Bliss is the same as being thankful. Can you recall a time when you said sorry to someone and it helped your relationship grow?

Both sorrow and bliss can affect your emotions. If you do things right you will find it easy to engage with people and develop empathy to defuse conflict situations quickly. But do the opposite by being defensive and many doors will be slammed shut in your face.


Saying sorry is not wrong. It’s the right thing to do to build relationships. Hold your tongue even when you’re furious. Don’t damage your reputation by being careless with your emotions. Sometimes we hurt people and we fail to appologise; be the bigger person and say sorry.



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