Finding Light in the Darkness: A Message of Resilience and Perseverance

In our darkest moments of time is where we discover light. We learn to understand what light is (if you’re wise enough). We understand what light means to us as individuals. Lastly, we understand what we need to do from that point moving forward to escape darkness. Light represents the positive, the upside, and hope in life. When we lose all of that, we have absolutely nothing to look forward to. Why? Because it’s the darkness we choose to bask in. It’s our job to beat the darkness off of us as much as we can (sounds funny but serious). I know sometimes you’re probably thinking about when you can catch a break or you can’t even win for losing at times. It’s okay! I’m telling you this because I’ve been there and still experience unsatisfactory outcomes all the Bleep time. Yet, I know how far I’ve come, and it’s too much for me to even consider going backwards. Learn from these crippling moments and sustain that negative energy by turning it into something positive. Make something out of nothing! That’s all I know, bro/sis. Count those blessings and repurpose your energy into something productive.

“Most of our victories are won by unknowingly dodging numerous bullets. So how dare you say you’re not blessed? I promise you it could always be worse.”


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