Failure is not the issue #Motivationalmonday #Mondaymotivation

Today marks the day we take action! We all have some ideas & we often envision on how we will execute them. Now is the time! Go ahead and make it happen! We already know the pros and cons, so let’s take that chance. We are embarking on a journey that requires us to take one step forward. After that first step? Don’t even bother looking back! You already stepped up on a higher plateau. Going backwards will cripple you (shattered knees). Sounds Dramatic? Maybe so, but that is the trauma we create for ourselves when we refuse to choose making a commitment to anything. Playing hopscotch won’t get you anywhere if you choose to jump between the same 2 platforms. Are you catching on to the lingo? Fail: “first attempt in learning” If the guidance is lacking, we must be willing to toughen ourselves up, respectfully. This is why so many successful people with rough backgrounds or late starts are considered admirable. They were willing to do whatever to beat the odds stacked against them. Can you deliver that same energy?

“If you fail, fail fast”

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