Why life-changing experiences matter

The difference between a progressive experience, and a life-changing experience

The moment you figure out that you want a better life for yourself — that’s life-changing. It’s your AHA! Moment. The Self-help realisation experience.

The decision to help yourself is unique. It can sound familiar when someone speaks about their own experience, but the AHA! Moment is unique. No one wants to fail, and when you realize that there is a better way to live your life it’s life-changing.

Things you must do in order to grow

How life progressiveness works: Work on the issues which you do not like about yourself on a daily basis. Work on the issues which made you choose to change. Every issue has a solution. If you need to learn, go to school. If you need to quit something, go to a place which helps you quit. If you need to manage your emotions, emotional intelligence development is key.

There are a lot of life progressive tools which cost nothing to use. One thing about help is that when you are not afraid to ask for help, chances are, you will get it. It’s a daily habit fixing your life. Choose to live your life in a certain way and try to stick to it for a long duration. The formulas and processes may change. You can find out that what you were doing yesterday limits your growth (progressiveness) and adapting your formula will help.

Progressiveness is the key to empowering your emotional control

As you learn and grow what you need today may be different from yesterday’s needs. It’s a daily routine practicing and learning how to manage your emotions. It only gets better. Progressive experiences reflect where you’ve been, what struggles you overcame, and it gives you hope when you look forward.

A progressive life has a lot of advantages; because you look forward to growing in the future. You use what you have experienced in the past to overcome issues down the road. “Where there’s a will there’s a way…” as you grow this mentality grows in confidence. Progressive thinking helps you to plan for the future, expect mistakes a long the way, and learn from your past experiences.


Work on your life. It’s a daily habit fixing your life. One thing about help is that when you are not afraid to ask for help, chances are, you will get it.



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