What About Me? #MotivationalMonday #MondayMotivation

What’s for You is for You! No need to be a territorial monster. No need to be in a rush. Slow down! Better yet, calm down, please! Everything is going to work itself out in due time. I journeyed through a series of unfortunate events before I understood the importance of COMPOSURE. Your life depends on it! How many times have you seen a movie where someone acts “Extra panicky” and does something stupid (enter thought of dramatic scene here). It’s very telling of your character as a person when you let your “inner self” get the best of you. What ever happen to waiting your turn? Or… knowing when your time has come to pass? (gut punch)… What’s for You will never miss!!! We fumble the bag every time by sabotage, bullying, spitefulness, jealousy, and lacking patience. These are all signs that you lack maturity and something within your character has not been addressed properly since you were an adolescent. Yes, this is a shot at adults that act in this manner. If we want to set examples for the youth, we must hold ourselves accountable every time!

“You don’t have to be perfect just be mindful of your impact on others”

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