Don’t live your life on the edge

It’s not worth it

Good principles are important. Self-help rules you live by you do not need to please everyone as long as you live by standards which benefit your life. If people abandon you because of your standards, its okay. You will meet like-minded people who understand the importance of having good principles.

Are you a people pleaser? Even at your own expense. Do you go above and beyond in areas which can function without your involvement? Are you using funds in places which are only important because you want a group of people to like you? Funds channeled in the wrong direction which has important value elsewhere. Like paying your bills on time and keeping up to date on financial responsibilities.

Do you go all out? Live beyond your means because you use a misleading viral slogan — YOLO! You only live once. YOLO! Is a limited lifestyle slogan which justifies your current life choices. If you live like this, slow down. Having one life to live doesn’t mean living it too quickly or you will burn out and find yourself financially burdened because of the choices you make. Don’t live your life on the edge… it’s not worth it.

We do not know how long we have to live… but that doesn’t mean doing everything now thinking it’s the right thing to do. We live in fast paced societies, information is shared at incredible speed, what we read, listen to, and see on social media hastens our drive to want to live in the moment. But don’t get caught up.

A controlled life is not boring. Don’t do drugs because it’s what cool people do. Don’t indulge in bad things (you know them) because it’s not worth it. At different stages in our lives we all face times when the YOLO! Persuasion tries to manipulate you. It’s not worth it. Don’t look back at beat yourself up for doing things which harm your life knowing you could’ve prevented it.

Knowing and carrying only leads to regret. Have principles. Saying no is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Saying no to yourself is the right thing to do because it will give your life longevity, prosperity, and peace. Don’t follow the crowd… you may enjoy it for a season, and you may fall down a deep hole.


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