Being different is not bad

Do you have a disorder? Or are you what the world calls shy, introvert, weirdly short or tall… Well guess what, you’re not different. You are you! Born unique — and that’s okay.

The world gives people names, demographics, colour, and behavioral traits. It’s how the world makes sense of a lot of things, and sometimes their making sense of it all harms other people.

How labels affect people

If you’re not ready to be classified under a distinct banner, and you’re not made aware of what that banner represents… and how you can change, or grow out of that classification, it hurts a lot of people.

How names and classifications change overtime

What the world deems of you today you can develop and grow out of; you can learn how to. You can find ways to become a better version of yourself. Don’t allow yourself to feel inferior if the majority has been given a better classification than you.

Being told that someone is wiser than you. Smarter than you. Braver than you. Cuter than you. Lighter than you. Faster than you. Friendlier than you. Emotionally gifted than you. Sweeter than you. More open than you, etc… when people say these things (to you) they don’t know the damage it may cause.

They speak showing off, gaslighting and making you feel less of a person. Some people lack empathy and they hurt people they interact with. Being different is not bad. You are you! Born unique — and that’s okay. Labels are not nice when they attack your self-confidence.

Learn to deflect labels

Don’t change because it will make other people like you; don’t do it out of peer pressure. Your growth and development is for you to be happy with yourself. Exercise, yes! Because a healthy body is good for your life.

Love your appearance. You do not need body enhancing drugs because society tells you to buy them. Do not conform to dangerous things they only destroy and never build up a healthy person. Emotional intelligence guides you on what you should pursue, and it helps deflect bad influences.

Being different is not bad… you shine by being yourself because being unique is always an advantage. 


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