Don’t allow things to ruin your day

You can control your emotions

Do you know that you can control your emotions… beat depression, find joy and happiness? What I just wrote is an old record — which plays on and on throughout generations — about how you are in control of your emotions. Though people continue to miss the importance of it they read words like this and fail to act. Not learning how to manage their emotions.

With an ever changing world you need to be smart if you’re going to survive. Social media is evidence on how we have evolved. We look into screens more than we see our real world. We see the world as a manufactured reality, what the media feeds us we are likely to believe.

It can take days or months to realize that what you read was a lie, fake news, and not real. But imagine the impact it will have in your life when you act on (believe) what you consume. It’s a scary world if you’re not in control. It can lead you to do anything if you are not in control of your emotions.

By saying don’t allow things to ruin your day… likewise, people can ruin your day. Unmanaged emotions can ruin your day. Social media can ruin your day. The key to managing yourself is to learn how you react to your environment. Learn what triggers you. Learn who triggers you, and why they trigger you. And it may not be the other person… it may be you who is the trigger.

If you are not in control do not blame other people who are in control. Don’t get ticked off when you see someone thriving, in control of their life, knowing you aren’t. Get your mind in control. Learn to withstand what the world throws at you. Beat it and don’t get caught up in fake news, worldly emotions which are none of your business.

A calm demeanor is golden. Assessing what you read, see, and hear gives you options. You grow to learn how to interact with the world. You will not get caught up in nonsensical issues. You will not jump at every call. You will not argue with a temperamental person. You will be “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…” James 1:19.

It’s a good feeling managing your emotions (Self-help). You will see pitfalls and avoid them before they happen. You will judge right and manage your life well. You will see things clearly


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