Treat your mental and emotional growth as a lifelong hobby

Do it as a hobby and in time you will grow to like it. Practice building yourself up for happiness. Use your time to learn. Your life is yours to control. The way you go about developing yourself determines your happiness in the future. If you neglect yourself now who knows what the future might bring. Which might need more out of you and if you aren’t ready this can cause regretful emotions which lead back to this time when you had the means to learn and you did nothing.

Your mind is eager… the more you push it the more it will surprise you. A lot of people give up. If the life they find themselves in is not the life they hoped for; instead of willing themselves to do better some people give up. They allow whatever has gone wrong to become their existence.

Giving up on yourself is not an option… it cannot happen. Today is real. The life you’re currently experiencing is real, and yes, it might not be ideal but as long as you are alive you have options. There are a lot of good Samaritans out there; all you need to do is ask for help.

Do you want to learn? You can if you ask for help. Do you need a job? You can get a job and as long as it pays the bills you can work any job as long as long as you understand that this job is temporary — you then develop a plan to get yourself out of that job and move on to better things. If you do not have a job, and you have bills to pay, Get a job. Don’t worry about life’s expectations of where you should be. As long as you are willing this season is all about getting yourself focused.

Successful living is all about how your mindset works. A clear minded person understands that hard work brings a profit. If you put your mind to something you will get it. Treat your mental and emotional growth as a lifelong hobby; use yourself to find peace and happiness. The calmer you are will make you better at assessing your circumstances in a world which pushes most of us back. If you keep yourself growing mentally you will reap the rewards.


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