Who is responsible for the transitions in your life… It’s you Dummy!

Who is responsible for the growth and change in your life? No man/woman can do it for you.

It’s all you. You are the key to success… without your hard work, passion, prayers, heartache, crazy nights, abandonment, lost possessions, bad days and good days. It all ends and begins when you get your act together.

The road to development, seeking and finding yourself. Finding your gift, talent, and calling happens when you transition from the old you into the new you who sees success regardless of the reality you may be living through.

It takes one look ahead. It takes one word you read, hear, or come across. It takes one hug from a loved one or someone who has helped you overcome something. It takes waking up after a long period of deep sleep — lost in your emotions — caused by heartache, pain, sickness, or an event. It takes your willingness to fight back. It takes your hunger to feed yourself. It takes you going back to school. Starting a new project or completing an old project.

It takes you asking for help to overcome something. It takes you… you are responsible for your transition from what you were before today. It takes revelation of knowing you can do better.

This moment comes once, and if you grasp and take a chance of bettering your life. You will achieve good things. Love yourself first and you will achieve great things.

You are responsible for your transition of choosing to better your life. If you call out for help. If you choose to help yourself. If you choose to help your body. If you choose to help your mind. If you choose to stop what you are doing which you know is bad for your life. Today can be the day you look back on and know that transition from a bad place to a good place happened.

It only takes one thing to change; and your life will change for the better. FYI! Transitions are ongoing… you get better at transitioning as you age. As you continue to learn. As you continue to grow — mentally. 


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