The importance of expelling negative emotions in your life

Sometimes we hold on too long…

Your emotions will thrive on good or bad energy you feed yourself. If you feed yourself good emotions your skin will glow as some people will say. Feed your emotions bad vibes and it too will reflect.

Sometimes as hard as you may try to feed yourself good emotions bad ones come not by your own doing but by outside circumstances. Some people have their own baggage which they cannot seem to let go… they travel with their baggage everywhere and some of the crumbs drop off onto your path. Clinging on after they share their emotions with you. And unless can you expel them! They become your emotions too.

Emotions feed off emotions and if you cannot teach yourself how to expel things you will become a hoarder. Some people cannot get rid of their baggage and they become carriers poisoning others who cannot store them like they do. Harming their lives in unimaginable ways.

How to expel bad emotions?

Tell someone who cares about you… tell someone who doesn’t store emotions but discards them after your conversation. Tell a teacher, a friend, a colleague, or a trained doctor. You have to tell someone. Sometimes telling someone will expel those emotions because if you keep them (and you feed off of them) they will harm you.

Tell someone who will not use them against you. It’s hard to choose the right person so sometimes going to a doctor, a clinic, the police station, or to a church will help you. Sometimes telling a stranger who is equipped to help you will really help you.

Don’t be a hoarder of bad emotions

Learn and understand today that people will use bad words, harsh tactics, and insinuations to make bad emotions stick on you. They will gaslight you. They will spread horrible fake news about you. They will confront you and berate you into submission.

Learn and understand today that whatever may come… your emotions are yours to control.

You decide what stays and what goes. You decide to be happy. People can say and do what they like but your emotions are yours to control. Don’t allow things to faze you. You live and you learn. You grow and you rise above bad emotions


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