Why you should learn to keep quiet and observe

As difficult as it is, it teaches you how to control your emotions

The loudest mouth in the room seldom wins. Be quiet, analytical, and sharp. Listen and hear what is being said. Take time to respond. If you’re in the dock and someone is pushing you to respond to questions, i.e. in an argument. Calculate your response in real time — As quick as you can — and answer yourself, listen to your response inside your head, and assess whether what you want to say will get a reaction you want… Then speak.

A loose mouth leads to regret… do not be the one who regrets what you say. Be polite and respond assertively when required. You will not be a push over. In time people will realise not to speak to you whichever way they want. Your calm demeanour will influence them to either keep their mouths shut or act in a manner you reflect out.


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