Engage your heart and find out what makes it tick

Do you want to live a life where you know yourself? Withing you there is a spirit which pumps your heart. If you use your spirit in the right way it can manipulate your heart to do whatever you want.

Successful people call the spirit willpower. They even call it courage. And some call it wisdom. But in the end its called the spirit. You are alive because your spirit birthed you. You are alive for a reason my friend. All the things you have gone through happen for a reason… and if it was a bad thing you have gone through it happened because it happened. No other justification for it but you can grow from it and build your spirit to not go through it again.

Your spirit is strong. Your willpower is nuclear and you can harness it to live a rich and fulfilling life. Build your spirit up, use it to grow everyday, everything you go through is an opportunity. Today is a better excuse to learn from yesterday and if you schedule this routine of learning you will witness less mistakes going forward.

What mistakes can you cancel?

1. Mistakes of repeating bad judgments.

2. Mistakes of not completing your plans.

It’s so simple successful people use these keys to grow and maintain their visions and goals.

Engage your heart and find out what makes it tick. Then root out bad things and cultivate good things and you will see a better you growing each day.


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