No matter what don’t stop living

There’s pressure in everything you do

Some of it we manage well. But most of it, the pressure we choose to focus on hurts our lives. We allow it to dictate how we feel. How we interact with people. And how we engage the pressure.

When you have a problem, How do you react to it? Do you fight back? Do you breakdown and give up? Do you find solutions? Do you ask for help? Or do you abandon it and look for something new?

Fight back intelligently

Don’t do what some people do, and throw reckless punches which will not hit the target. You waste energy needed to overcome your problems. Use your energy intelligently. It’s always good to calm down and not rush. Assess the problem and deal with your issues correctly. Fighting something which feeds off your pain only makes it strong.

Don’t breakdown and give up

Live your life. Be patient. The rescue boat will come. Paddle as hard as you can. Stay afloat. Relax your muscles and survive. If you’re lost in the wilderness, making it through the night is very important. As long as you hold on help will come. You may not have the solution to fix your problems, but don’t give up, someone will come.

Look for solutions and ask for help

Ask for help. In my opinion, asking for help, statistically, in my life has led me to achieve my goals. I have grown because of people who came to my assistance and helped me overcome difficult situations when I reached out to them. Solutions are available but sometimes it’s hard to see them when you’re knee-deep in trouble.

Don’t abandon your potential

Giving up and finding something different may not be the solution. You cannot give up on your life if something is too much to handle. You can’t give up if your dream is hard to achieve. As long as you keep on keeping on. Find solutions and you give yourself time to achieve your goals. It will happen. 

Your life is precious and no one can replace you as a person. You are unique. Your are special. And you have what it takes to overcome a challenge. It takes knowing this to keep on keeping on.


As long as you keep on keeping on that’s the best you can do. At the time, things may seem hard, obstacles getting bigger and bigger. Calm down and paddle… stay afloat, get through the night because help will come. Look for it. Ask for help, and help will come.



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