Mind over matter resolution

It’s your choice

Your willpower is strong. Decide to do something and it will happen.

The more you fight off bad habits — quitting them — the more in control of your habits you will have.

A resolution is a declaration to change. Change is good if it benefits your life. A benefit is something which amplifies good behavior and traits.

Mind over matter is important. You don’t have to continue doing something bad or wrong because you can choose to stop.

Though finding the courage, resolution, or help becomes the stumbling block.

When you are certain of quitting. Stopping. Leaving that which causes distress in your life… it takes conviction. It takes all your mental strength to say I quit. You can stop if you choose to. You can become a better person if you choose to.

Mind over matter is real. Mr Anderson stopped bullets in the Matrix movie because he believed; conviction. In the end you can change when you grow your willpower.


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