STTS #MotivationalMonday #MondayMotivation

Let’s talk about vetting your circle. It seems as if everyone has been struggling with this lately. First things first, it takes years on end to do this properly. The older you are in life, the longer the process will be, given that you have less time to spend with folks. Additionally, you have to take into account that you may not know everything about a person’s past. Getting to the point where it does not matter is solely based on acceptance. If you’re not accepting some of the things that may have occurred, have you managed to address those differences? By the way, this applies to all forms of relationships, including pets, cars, and other material things 🤣🤣🤣. Testing things can be a good strategy, but when it comes to people, tread lightly. I’ve never met someone who prides themselves in testing people and it does not come off as a bad look. Nobody wants to create bad vibes, so avoid constantly evaluating others. What you need to know will come to light eventually, give it time. Overall, the process of building meaningful relationships are based on acceptance and understanding. In order to do your part, you have to come correct every single time or it’s a great chance things will not succeed.

“Stick to the Script”


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