Rise Up And Adopt An Eagle Mentality

In the middle of the wilderness, on a tall, large, densely leafy tree, nested an eagle. In the nest there are several eggs that are ready to hatch. One day, there was a strong wind that hit the tree and one of the eagle eggs fell. But luckily, the egg fell right on top of a chicken’s nest (forest) so it didn’t break. Then the egg rolls together with the chicken eggs that are being incubated by the mother.

Day after day, finally the eagle eggs hatched along with other chicken eggs. Live new days with other chicks harmoniously and cheerfully. Everywhere they were together, foraging and playing through the jungle. The eagle’s body is getting bigger and he sees the physical difference with other chicks so that curiosity arises in his heart.

One day he plucked up the courage to ask her mother, “Mom, why is my body different from others? Why is my body bigger and my wings wider?”

But the mother was reluctant to answer the question. Finally, the eaglet could only remain silent with curiosity buried in his chest. After a while, he no longer paid attention to his curiosity.

Once he saw an eagle flying high in the sky. “Oh, how beautiful and great the eagle is, flying through the sky. How dashing…” He muttered silently in his heart. He looked at the flying eagle in awe. From then on he was often aloof and brooding. He really wants to be able to fly like the eagle.

A few days later he expressed his desire to be able to fly to the hen. But the mother just said, “You’re just a chick, where could it be possible to fly like an eagle… You don’t have weird dreams, kid!”

No matter what the mother said, he tried to flap his wings. But every time he practices flying, the other chicks make fun of him and say, “You want to fly. Ha..ha..ha.., you’re crazy! You’re a chick, how can you fly.”

Hearing it all, the eagle boy became sad and discouraged. Gradually he also forgot his dream of being able to fly. Finally he lived with the mind of a chicken, lived a life like a chicken and finally died as a chicken. What a misfortune it would be.

Actually, we are all eagles, just like the eagles mentioned above. Indeed, we can fly high and explore the sky with mighty might. In fact, we are born as eagles and have instinctive potential as a mighty eagle. But unfortunately, we live in a chicken environment, adopt chicken ideas, and end up living as a chicken. We ruthlessly bury our dreams of being able to fly in the sky as the eagles we should be. We are too resigned to the situation, and eventually die rotting as a chicken.

If we really want to fly, we must have the courage to flap our wings and jump. It doesn’t matter how much we fall, so much we jump again. Trust me we can do it because we are eagles! If we really want to fly, we must dare to get out of the context of a chicken and think in terms of an eagle. Rest assured we can do it because we are eagles!

Rise up and adopt an eagle mentality. Challenge yourself to leave environments where people have accepted mediocrity. Surround yourself with people who are going places.

Germany Kent


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