Hollow And Rough Surface

Have you ever noticed a golf ball? The ball was not round smooth. There are hollows or small holes on the surface like pockmarks from smallpox on the face. It doesn’t look pretty, huh? In fact, the ugly look has a meaning.

Golf balls are made that way because the hollow minimizes the resistance or tensile force on the golf ball. When the golf ball is hit moving through the air, the energy in the golf ball is not drained because the air passing through the golf ball will tend to stick to the ball longer precisely in the existing basins. This allows the golf ball to reach a greater distance when hit than a smooth ball.

A small ball with a smooth surface will only be ejected at most about 119 meters. Similar balls with corresponding holes such as those on golf balls can reach double that distance. It turns out that the holes add to the golf ball’s ability to be able to reach longer distances.

Our lives are also “hollow” and not smooth. We face problems at work, struggle with certain weaknesses, go through painful experiences that leave wounds, or other “holes” of life. God allowed such things to happen, but He did not stand idly by. When we call upon Him, then God, who “works in all things,” is able to restore us. Then He will turn that into strength, enabling us to go further and higher.

Someday in the future, as we look back, we will be grateful to have passed through those “holes” of life, because it has given us the ability and strength to go further.

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