Ego Is The Enemy

If it’s an argument with customers, even if we win, customers will still run.

If you have a fuss with colleagues, even if we win, there is no more enthusiasm for working in the team.

If we arguing with the boss, even if we win, there’s no future in that place.

If we have arguments with our family, even if we win, the family relationship will be tenuous.

If you have a fuss with friends, even if we win, we’ll definitely be short of friends.

If you have a fight with your partner, even if you win, your affection will definitely decrease.

If we have arguments with anyone, even if we win, we still lose. The only thing that wins is one’s own ego, it’s just a pseudo victory. What’s hard is beating your own ego. However, if we are able to conquer ourselves, it is a true winner.

It is better to be patient than to fight. It is better to control your temper than to take a city.– Proverbs


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