Do The Best And Let God Do The Rest

There is a young man who wants to gain experience from a successful entrepreneur. He went to the businessman and said, “Frankly I really want to gain experience from you so that I can succeed like you.”

Hearing the request, the businessman smiled for a moment. Then, he asked the young man to raise his hand. The young man was amazed. However, then the businessman also explained his meaning.

“Let me see your hand line. And, listen carefully to what I think of you before I give you the lesson you requested.”

After holding up his hands, the businessman said, “Look at this palm of yours. Here there are several main lines that determine fate. There is a lifeline. Then, here there is a line of sustenance and there is also a line of soul mates. Now, grasping it. Where were all the lines just now?” 

“In the palm of my hand,” replied the young man.

“It means that whatever your destiny and circumstances will be, they are within your own grasp. Work hard to get all of that. But take a look at your grip as well. Isn’t there still a line that is not grasped? The rest of the line is beyond your control. Because therein lies God’s power that we won’t be able to do, and that’s His part.”

Hold on and do your part with hard and earnest work, and bring to God the part you are incapable of.


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