Blessed To Bless Others

The rainy season has lasted for two months and everywhere the trees appear to be green. A caterpillar burst out among the green leaves swaying in the wind.

“How are you green leaves?!” he said. Jolted, the green leaves turned their heads in the direction of the oncoming sound.

“Oh, you caterpillar. Your body looks small and thin. Why?” asked the green leaf.

“I barely get leaves for my food. Can you help me buddy?” said the little caterpillar.

“Sure… certainly… Come closer here.”

Green leaves think, if I give a little bit of my body to the caterpillar, I will still be green, only I will look hollow, but that’s okay.

Slowly the caterpillar moves its body towards the green leaves. After eating satiatedly, the caterpillar thanks the green leaves that have given up parts of their body to become the caterpillar’s food. When the caterpillar said thanks,there is a sense of satisfaction within the green leaf. Even though it body is now hollowing here and there, he is happy to be able to do it for the hungry little caterpillar.

Not long after that when summer came, the green leaves dried and changed color. Eventually it fell to the ground, was swept away and burned.

What is so meaningful in our lives that we are reluctant to sacrifice a little for our fellow man? After all in the end everything that is there will perish.

Good green leaves represent people who still have a “heart” for their fellow man. Who does not close his eyes when he sees his fellow man in trouble. Who does not turn his back and does not seem to hear when his fellow man cries out for help. He is willing to do something for the benefit of others and momentarily ignores his own self-interest. Giving up one’s own pleasure and self-interest for others is not easy, but it is beautiful.

When we sacrifice, we ourselves become like a hollow leaf, but it doesn’t actually affect our lives. We will stay green, God will still bless and nurture us.

For the “green leaf”, sacrifice is impressive and feels beautiful and satisfying. It was happy to see that the fellow creation of God could smile because of the sacrifices it made. It also did so because it realized that it would not forever stay as a green leaf. One day it will dry up and fall.

Such is our life, this life is only temporary and then we will die. That is why fill this life with good works: love, sacrifice, understanding, faithfulness, patience and humility. Make sacrifice fun and bring us joy.

In many ways we can sacrifice. Put the interests of others first, do things for them, give what we have and many more sacrifices can be made. Let’s not forget that we once received an incomparable sacrifice from our Creator until we could be saved as we are today.


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