It’s Not Too Late

Marjorie Newlin, 72, was shopping at the supermarket. At that time there was a sale so he bought about 25 kg of cat food for his pet.

As a widow trying to live independently, she felt annoyed because she was tired of lifting her groceries. Since then he decided to join a fitness club near his home in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, United States.

Richard Brown, trainer at Rivers Gym fitness was amused to see this grandmother who already has 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren start to follow the exercise. But this old grandmother diligently practiced day after day, week after week until for a year. Until then this grandmother managed to lift a weight of about 50 kg and her body had a shape like a person practicing body building.

Encouraged by fitness trainers, Marjorie participated in the Body Building Amateur Athletic Union competition which was open to the public. Actually, she felt uncomfortable when competing, because she had to wear a bikini like a bodybuilder. However, long story short, she managed to become the champion for the category over 45 years old. The audience was hysterical when it was announced that the winner was 74 years old.

That’s just the beginning. After that, She participated in many competitions that took him to Italy, Germany, and France. She has collected 40 trophies and many award certificates.

Marjorie is now gone. However, she has inspired many that perseverance can lead to achievement and that age is not a barrier to achievement.


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