Once Again About Life

We never knows what tomorrow will happen or what will happen in the future. We often hear shocking news, ranging from news about murders, traffic accidents, natural disasters. And there are many more things that can take human lives at any time. Death is a reality that cannot be avoided by everyone. Sooner or later death will definitely pick up. All human beings, whoever they may be, will at some point surely die.

We are reminded again that we really need to pay attention to how we live. What God cares about is not how we die but how we live.

In fact, life in this world is only temporary, proverbial like someone who stops by for a drink. We are just immigrants and nomads. Therefore look carefully, how you live, not like an ignorant, but like a wise man, for everyone will go before the court throne and held accountable for what has been done during his life.

So this very short time, let’s make the best use of it. Life is like a person camping, one day the camp will be demolished; but the God has prepared for us an abode in heaven, an eternal dwelling place, not made by human hands.

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