We Are The Instruments

A young man passing through the woods saw a wolf who was already paralyzed in all four legs. He wants to know how the wolf can survive.

Soon he saw a tiger coming with his game antelope. The tiger eats to his heart’s content and leaves leftovers for the wolf. The next day, God fed the wolf with the same tiger intermediary.

The young man began to admire God’s great kindness and said to himself, “I will also be idle at home with full trust in God because He will provide for all my needs!”

He did his intentions for days, but nothing happened.

When the poor young man was about to die, there was a voice, “O thou pervert, open thy eyes to the truth. Follow the tiger’s example and stop imitating a crippled wolf!”

On the street he saw a girl cradling cold in her thin clothes. There is no hope for her to get enough food. He became angry and said to God, “Why do you allow this? Why do you not do anything ?”

While God didn’t say anything. The night he answered very suddenly, “I have done something. I created you! And bring you to the girl, but you are not at all moved to help the poor girl.”

Often we expect all problems, disasters, and sufferings, God must step in to solve. But one thing we must know we as instruments of God must be willing to intervene in helping the problems and suffering of others. Stay steadfast and fight in living the life that has been bestowed upon us.

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